Monday, December 28, 2009

The Big Blue Family's Christmas

Christmas around here is never dull and this year was no exception.

Christmas Eve (all the following events take place in Louisville and without Big Blue Daddy unless otherwise noted):
Stop #1: Went to visit a friend and her new baby. Logan managed to get dirty while we were there and still had more stops to make. Didn't bring different clothes for the four year old. Stupid me. Baby was way too cute and almost (I said ALMOST) made me want another.

Stop #2: My Dad and Stepmom's so that we didn't get lost going to the next stop. Dad managed to clean Logan up enough to be presentable. Kaelin screamed around their pets, as usual. (That's a whole other post) Waited for Stepmom to finish cooking soup to take to next stop. Loaded kids back in car and took my younger sister with me.

Stop #3: Dad's family Christmas. We eat and leave. Headache begins to develop. Couldn't stay for presents because we had to move on before the kids melted. Starts to rain as soon as we get in the car. Kaelin spits out paci in the dark, gravel driveway and I drop my keys trying to find paci.

Stop #4: My mother's to pay homage to my aunt who only visits once every 2-3 years and doesn't stay in contact with most of us on a regular basis. Logan and Kaelin have fun playing with my cousin's kids and it's good to see all my cousins who live far away. Reminded that I need to connect with them more often. Only one cousin and her family were missing and she's the one who is always missing. Kaelin again spits out paci in the dark. Maybe it's a sign? Too busy to think much more about that. Headache meds work just before I start to leave.

Stop #5: HOME! Kids see Daddy and have a surge of energy. Give kids their Christmas pajamas and put them to bed. Get French Toast Casserole ready for AM. Begin sorting and wrapping presents. Logan having another night terror, screaming and can't wake him up. Worried Big Blue Daddy(BBD) and I are going to be caught with Santa gifts all around us. Finally calm Logan down, finish the gifts and go to bed about 3am.

Christmas Day (AT HOME!!!)
Kids wake up about 8am. Big deal for both. Logan normally wakes about 7am and Kaelin normally sleeps in until 9am. They must have planned this. we keep kids occupied until 9am when my sister and her fiance show up. Throw casserole into oven. Dad, Stepmom, Grandma, and youngest sister arrive for presents. Kids get way too much and are overwhelmed. Take a break to eat breakfast. Give kids big present from us; the trip to Disney. Didn't quite get the response I was expecting, but thinking they are just overwhelmed with everything.

Put pork in Crock Pot for BBQ later (Yes, I know this isn't traditional, but it's what BBD and I decided. We wanted simple and easy.)

Mom calls and says she's on her way. Dad and crew leave. Sister and Fiance head to birthday party for Jesus with his family.

Mom, Stepdad, and brother arrive. We do presents and brother splits, which is typical. Mom and stepdad hang around and eat with us and then leave.

BBD, kids and I spend the rest of the day unpacking boxes, playing and relaxing. BBD worked all weekend and kids and I unearth the living room floor.

You might think that the celebrating is over but we still have to visit BBD's family as they didn't travel to visit us. Probably more on that later.

All in all it's been a crazy but great Christmas so far. I got a Flip and I love it! BBD got Call of Duty for his XBox 360. Logan got his Fathead for his room and Kaelin has a stroller for her dolls she tries to ride in herself. I'm blessed to have family and friends to share all this craziness with.

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