Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dance, karate, and soccer

I've always felt it's important to expose your children to all opportunities possible. I have found that two working parents with non flexible schedules make it hard to do everything you want to do. As L gets older, more sport and other activity fliers come home from school. Of course, he wants to do them all. That's just not possible, even if I didn't work. But I do work outside the home and the time of many activities is just not user friendly in my household.

So we try and find a good balance. L did karate over the summer and has already advanced to the rank of yellow belt. We committed to another year and it's been really good for him. His physical therapist even commented on how that was the best sport for his balance issues. He wanted to join cub scouts, but it meets at the same time as one of the few classes he can go to for karate. If my schedule were more flexible, it would be a whole different issue. But I don't anymore and so cub scouts will have to wait until he can move up another belt level and switch classes. He also wants to play soccer. We've participated in a league through our church that meets only on Fridays, but by the time I get off work, get both kids and drive across town it will have started and there would be no time for dinner. BBD's schedule changes weekly with no way to make plans to do things like this.

I type this at K's first dance class. It wasn't fair to let L have all the fun. She's having a blast, but the cuts out the ability to get L to the Saturday morning karate class and this will hopefully still allow for basketball in the winter.

It's so hard to tell your kid that they can't do something because you work. Not because of any other reason.

Man I miss the flexibility I had before.

- The Big Blue Momma