Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Staying Positive

I am trying to stay positive about my job outlook. It's getting harder and harder every day. I broke down in front of my kids the other day and immediately hated myself for it. Logan has more faith in myself than I do right now and I don't like it, not one little bit.

So I'm working on focusing on other things, like our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. I'm sure you are thinking, how is an unemployed woman taking her family to Disney. Well, we planned this trip right before I lost my job and made the decision to continue with it afterwards. It may have not been the best decision money wise (which countless people have commented on, thanks for that, I really need to be told it was a bad decision) but what's done is done and we will be leaving in 17 days.

I'm focusing on the fact that Logan will be turning five (OMG, where did the time go?) while we are in Disney. That the focus will be on HIM that week. Kaelin's just along for the ride.

I'm focusing on planning a small gathering to celebrate Logan's birthday once we return.

I'm focusing on being a stay at home mom for a while. We had been keeping Kaelin in daycare in hopes that my job loss would be brief and we wouldn't have to disrupt her world too many times, but as a cost cutting measure, we are pulling her out for a while. Hopefully, it won't be hard to find something when I do get a job.

I'm focusing on myself. I'm working out again since injuring myself doing EA Active for the Wii and then being sick with the never ending cold. I'm not doing this for weight loss, although losing a few pounds would be great, I doing this because I'm tired of sitting and waiting.

So here's to staying positive! Let's hope that it's the start of some very good things to come...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

6 months ago

Six months have passed since I lost my job.

I've applied for over 160 jobs. Been on countless interviews. And yet, here I sit, in my yoga pants, on my couch.

This is getting ridiculous. Really ridiculous. I've said it before, I don't deserve to be here. I deserve to be employed. I deserve a job with a supervisor who appreciates my skills. My family deserves to have the income that I should be earning, instead of my crap unemployment check that arrives later and later every week.

Damn it, someone hire me already. I am a really good employee. Dedicated, loyal, and dependable.

In other news... I've blogged two days in a row. Go me!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I need to be a better blogger

Blog, I have failed you. I haven't posted a new post in weeks. So I'm recommitting myself to you. I am have a new post at least two times a week, if not more. Not all my posts will be long and lengthy, but I will be paying more attention to you.

I will blog about whatever is on my mind. I won't hold back. People might not want to read you, but I will still post.

I promise.