Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Momma is sick

I had been feeling nauseous on and off for about a week when I developed this pressure in my lower abdomen.

All I could think is that I was pregnant. But that's not possible because I spent many dollars on my IUD. It's supposed to keep the babies away for many years or until I decide to have it removed.

Then the sore boobs started. Of course, this is a symptom of the IUD that I have had before. But again, I'm convincing myself that I'm pregnant and about to sue someone's ass.

So I take a test. Negative.

Waited a few days, still feeling bad. Take another test. Negative again.

So yesterday, after much nagging from my husband, I go to the doctor. He thinks I've lost my mind.

So does my doctor, who humors me and orders a blood test. For herself she orders a urine culture.

I begin to feel worse and worse. Like rapidly.

Doctor's office calls. NO BABY! But a raging bladder infection and a cold.

I am not a good patient when hit with multiple aliments. One at a time I can handle. But I had let the infection go for so long, that I was now in severe pain in my abdomen and my body had been so busy fighting one infection it can't fight the cold. I'm whiny and miserable.

My husband is a great caretaker. This stems from when we were dating and I got so sick my Dad ended up taking me to the ER. Big Blue Daddy got a huge lecture from my stepmother about the importance of taking care of me. Now he goes into overdrive and indulges me whenever I am sick. I love it! Logan also pitches in as he got used to helping me out when I was pregnant with Kaelin. The two boys in my life make me feel so loved and cared for, I am truly blessed.

Now if my husband or my kids had been sick, I would have made them go to the doctor much sooner. I'm mean like that. But, for some unknown reason, I have failed to hold the same standards to myself. It's like I think my body can heal itself with my super powers or something. This time I've learned my lesson. My body needs the same care as the other members of my family.

Of course, I'll forget this when I get sick again.

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